Claudia McGill, artist, writes poetry. Did you know that?

Many many thanks to Jane for this post, and her supportiveness of my work. Thank you.

And an appreciation of her talent: her poetry, her fiction, and her willingness and generosity to participate in the writing world and encourage other writers. I especially admire that quality.

And she can write some scary, spooky, and right-to-the-bone prose and poetry, too. Check it out.

Jane Dougherty Writes

This post is about Claudia McGill. It came about because I was in promotion mode, and since I don’t seem to be very successful at it on my own behalf, I thought maybe I could pitch in for somebody else.

You might be more familiar with Claudia for creations like this

Postcard - Houses in Washington DC 2016 small

But Claudia McGill also write poetry. Did you know that? When I posted a series of dog rose haiku, last week sometime, Claudia replied in response to the last one with this string of poems.

Haiku Group Thorn


and now infected. You fool

who forgave the wound.

First class work it was,

that ragged gash on your arm.

My aim was superb.

You and your quick eyes,

but I moved too fast. My thorns

scratched out my message.

Forgive, no. The thorn

left its suppurating mark.

I will die angry.


She also creates quirky collage image/words like…

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4 thoughts on “Claudia McGill, artist, writes poetry. Did you know that?

  1. I was really touched and thrilled that she would do this for me. And as for all that she wrote, well, I was just overwhelmed. Thank you for reading it and tell me this!

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