Excessive Luck

A collage poem from my collage poetry book.

Excessive Luck collage poem book 4-15 small

Excessive Luck

were The dropped dinner plates a deliberate act
And it’s hopeless to try And replace them,
The photograph has casually slipped out of sight.
Of course.
How could I remember the telephone number
I had not heard that alarm clock;
It was impossible to repair the radio
The spelling book And My briefcase had disappeared
all the while – chaos was going up in value.
being everything. I had to find a way out.
any ideas will be considered

14 thoughts on “Excessive Luck

  1. I love the way the fragmentary nature of this poem creates a sense of disquieting frustration, of that feeling of being flustered, and then there is the word chaos – emphatic because it comes after the dash – which seems to be the summation of the theme of the poem.

  2. Yes, I remember doing this one and how it’s not big problems but all the little mess-ups that really bother me. Disorder in any form is hard for me and I think the breakdowns and go-wrongs of everyday life hit me harder than something monumental, which I seem to cope with fine.

  3. Yes. Daily life is full of mess and there seems to be no point at which all things are right, there is always a little wrinkle in the bedspread cover or the forgotten ingredient from the store or…

  4. Thank you. I think I was feeling the effects of chaos when I did this – my version of chaos, which, since I am such a routined creature, is like the salsa version I eat, mild, but still tormenting!

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