End of Time

I have a book of collage poetry that I started in 2012 and finished in the spring of 2015. I say finished because the notebook, one of those marble composition books, ran out of pages for me to paste poems on. Well, that’s fine.

I was looking through this book the other day and I realized the poems at the end of the book had no names or dates written at the bottom of the page – my signal for having typed out the poems, scanned the pages, and posted them.

Well. My orderly system exposed for what it is – reliant on my paying attention. Oh dear.

So, I fixed things up and the book is now complete, poems properly archived, and so on. Therefore, the next thing to do is to post them, and I’ll get right to that. Here’s the first one.

End of Time collage poem book 4-15 small

End of Time

there was last night
one cloud
and the vanished sun like a ghost
the empty air
and the shadows struggle
under the last rays of the
moonlight pouring

18 thoughts on “End of Time

  1. Thank you. It’s easy to drift off in this form of poetry (you see words that sound nice together but — don’t fit the other words that you have chosen) but I’m getting better at coherence, I think this one turned out well. (And I have found that the solution to too many good word combinations is just to keep starting new poems, which lead to more, and more…!)

  2. Thank you. Clouds in general are something that has always intrigued me- the different kinds, how they drift in the sky, where they are going while I’m staying here – so if I can include them it seems I do. Because they are always there, but not interested in us…

  3. This is a nice complement to the call and response I posted this morning…great minds, etc. More light in this one! (K)

  4. Thank you so much. You know, I am not an abstract thinker and I work better when I do something as opposed to think it – so I think collage poetry works with these factors and allows me to put things together in a way I can’t just from drawing words out of my head. What I mean is, seeing the words in a physical form, shuffling them around, seems to unlock ideas in a way that doing the same thing inside my head doesn’t (I wonder if this makes sense). Anyway, thank you, I like how this one turned out.

  5. I had the same experience with the few collage poems I did – the unlocking of ideas. One’s own head becomes repetitive. I call it Found Poetry though.

  6. I understand what you mean and I think that if you have come to such an understanding of how your creative thingy gets going, you have arrived at some kind of artistic summit. I have no idea how the words order themselves. Maybe when I do, I’ll know I’ve reached a summit too 🙂

  7. Thank you. Rereading it so long after I wrote it, I thought – how did I come up with these combinations and find these words? Once again sometimes I think the words just leap together on their own!

  8. Same for me, and then, when we go through the mountains and drive through clouds, I remember this, and think – I’m in a cloud and it’s not – fluffy or happy, it’s soggy. I like a cloud to maintain some mystery, maybe?

  9. Thank you. I really like nighttime and especially the feeling of being all alone in a world that is removed from the usual rules or boundaries. I just can’t get that feeling in the daytime.

  10. You know, I had indications of what worked better for me and what didn’t (in lots of things) and it’s taken me decades and decades to catch on, if I have, which I haven’t in many cases still with plenty to figure out, and I just don’t see why it was so hard when it seems so obvious now. There is a time when things become clear and you can’t make it happen, I guess. Just enjoy it when the realization HITS!

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