Haiku 186

The power knocked out
the room dark. You know and yet
you flick the light switch

On light switch 5-17-16 small

This light switch is in my dining room.


14 thoughts on “Haiku 186

  1. Great observation about human behavior. I also like the suggested personification of the power as an active agent knocking the light into darkness like a loss of consciousness.

    • That’s what it feels like, doesn’t it, going dark is going into a place that we can’t control, we just have to wander around and it’s not up to us how we manage anymore. I always feel immediately unmoored by a power outage.

    • Thank you. I have been struck by this behavior for my whole life and finally had to say something about it. Maybe next time…I’ll remember? (Probably not, but I’ll laugh)

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