Haiku 186

The power knocked out
the room dark. You know and yet
you flick the light switch

On light switch 5-17-16 small

This light switch is in my dining room.


14 thoughts on “Haiku 186

  1. Great observation about human behavior. I also like the suggested personification of the power as an active agent knocking the light into darkness like a loss of consciousness.

  2. Thank you. I have been struck by this behavior for my whole life and finally had to say something about it. Maybe next time…I’ll remember? (Probably not, but I’ll laugh)

  3. That’s what it feels like, doesn’t it, going dark is going into a place that we can’t control, we just have to wander around and it’s not up to us how we manage anymore. I always feel immediately unmoored by a power outage.

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