Tanka 13

I saw three people crowded around a small table at lunch.

The corner table
Seats three. Or four, if they are
willing to mimic
sardines packed in a tin can
and bump elbows, eating them.

Fish small

linoleum block print.


9 thoughts on “Tanka 13

  1. Yes, this is an old one, 20 years ago, maybe? I did a lot of block printing a while back and I love the drama of it and the hard edges. I also used to print on top of papers I had painted or otherwise colored and that was really something, too. Results always so unpredictable with the print on top of the colors, no way to tell how it would come out until it was done.

  2. I wonder if it is easy to observe how familiar and comfortable a group of people are with each other depending on how at ease they feel all squeezed around a table that way.

  3. Hmmm, I will have to think. Because some people are not happy with closeness no matter how well they get along, such as me. I hate having people very close to me for any length of time, like on a plane.

  4. I can’t do close physical contact with anyone other than my closest family. It really makes me wig out. I’ve no explanation. I just don’t like it. I’ve been cutting my own hair for 14 years because I couldn’t tolerate the physical proximity of the hairdresser.

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