Tanka 12

We had some rooms in our house painted.

The paintbrush hands out
luxury with every stroke
banishing a past
of tight budgets and poor taste
with a flip of cool gray paint

paint color walls office 5-16 small


8 thoughts on “Tanka 12

  1. The smooth creamy paint and how it erases the past – to me, that is as luxurious as a big soft blanket and better than expensive jewelry or that kind of thing, for feeling really cared for. Strange, but true. I love a fresh coat of paint on a wall.

  2. What I love about painting is that it is such an easy way to transform a space. The feel of a room ca be so different just from a lick of paint with a different colour or even a fresh coat. Wallpapering on the other hand makes me want to headbutt walls with frustration.

  3. I’ve never wallpapered but I have removed it and so I will never ever wallpaper and cause others to have to remove it not to mention I just know I’d be awful at putting it on. But paint, now, that’s easy and really makes an impact, I am thrilled with the new look.

  4. Well, believe me, I’m right there with you, you have expressed it PERFECTLY. And I’ll add to it that when you are a sloppy impatient painter, as I am, well, it may not even look great and then where are you!

  5. Scan of the paint chip with details, so that I won’t forget what we used – and then I “fixed” it up a little. The ordinary becomes an item! Like I hoped my rooms would!

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