Tanka 11

I have a couple more of these little poems, after all. Here’s the first one. I posted it on my Sometimes You Get So Confused Blog not long ago, to commemorate an orienteering event gone a little bit wrong.


The steep hill. A slope
that runs straight into the sky.
The climbers scramble.
The trail fades. They make their own.
Hilltop. A road appears. Go.


10 thoughts on “Tanka 11

  1. I read the post on your other site, so I’m glad to know things weren’t quite as dire as they seem, or I imagined, from the poem and art (photo?) here. I had thought when the road appeared and they went, they were running from monsters or the guys in Deliverance. πŸ™‚

  2. Now I can laugh, but I admit, though we were not lost and no monsters, still, I had a few moments of being really afraid, because the hill was too steep for me to go down very easily (I have some balance problems and up is fine, but down…) and I felt a little – trapped. panicked. Then we got to that fence and I could hang on while I inched along, and it got all right, but…You know, there was no real danger, but it felt dangerous.

  3. You know, and all the time we could hear the crowd down at the swimming pool below us yelling and happy and so on and that made it even worse; we weren’t even out in some extreme environment, just – uphill!

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