Haiku Group Warm Afternoon

Haiku Group Warm Afternoon


Warm afternoon
The sun gets hold of my bones
gives them a good shake


The sun reaches in
through my skin into my bones
thawing out my mood


Sun’s gift to my bones
warmth I haven’t felt in months
not since the leaves fell

Suddenly Summer small

“Suddenly Summer” – fabric wall hanging, applique, 1998 (?)


21 thoughts on “Haiku Group Warm Afternoon

  1. We have had such a rainy spring and early summer, warmth is really an extra-welcome substance this year, and finally I feel like my petals can open, so to speak! Thank you on both counts, art and poem. I made this wall-hanging so long ago and yet it still seems appropriate, funny how that works.

  2. Thank you. We’ve had a cold and rainy spring and so the sun is more welcome than usual this year, so you can see where my head has been (looking out the window searching for…that big yellow sun!)

  3. I am too. It is funny that I only left Scotland and its long dark winters 2.5 years ago and already I have adjusted to this climate in terms of really missing the warmth and sunlight. It makes me wonder how I ever endured winters back home with my mood intact.

  4. Well, I don’t know how I knew, but I’ll be glad to take credit for clairvoyance and improvement of moods! Maybe I’ve been feeling the same as you? And thank you for telling me this, makes me feel good.

  5. I have wondered how I would take that kind of winter that you describe, and I think not well. I’m grateful for our climate – we really have a nice moderation in our weather and how the seasons work together, their length, the light, etc.

  6. Yes, there are proper seasons here with clearly demarcated shifts from one to the next and the thing that always strikes me in Winter is that there is always daylight. Winters with very little light are hard to get through with any sense of energy. Of course, the flip side was that we had long summer evenings but I would still trade those in for light in Winter.

  7. I love the wall hanging! I love the colors and the feel of it.
    I totally understand the feeling of the haiku, but this made me laugh (in delight):
    “The sun gets hold of my bones
    gives them a good shake”

    I was particularly enjoying the weather of the past few days when it was warm and sunny during the day and cool at night.

  8. Yes. It seems almost fall-like, this weather lately, and I like it, too. I love the sunshine more than usual this year, really welcoming it, maybe because spring was so — blaaaaa.

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