Tanka 10

Quite a few years ago I lived in an apartment above an older lady and this situation was something I just got used to. Now I guess there are all kinds of adjustments that can be made to the TV, but back then, you just turned up the sound.

This is the last tanka I have right now; maybe some more later on.

Through the floor we hear
the too-loud television
shout out some advice
to the old lady and cat,
both hearing-impaired, downstairs.



Apartment building, Allentown, Pennsylvania.


8 thoughts on “Tanka 10

  1. Yes. Indeed. You know, these same apartments are still in use today, very renovated, of course, and now they are considered kind of “vintage”. I was curious and looked up the rental – about 6 times what I paid in 35 years ago – and yet the resident reviews say the same thing – thin walls! I just love it. Some things really don’t change.

  2. No, this particular lady went to bed very early so it was quiet at night. I will say that in other buildings, the ones with students, well, yes, noisy all night could be possible!

  3. Ah yes. The joys of apartment living and thin walls. I actually grew up in a house with such thin walls that I could hear the man next door breaking wind in the shower each morning.

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