Get to the Point

Another new poetry book! Get to the Point is a collection of haiku, tanka, and snippets – all the examples of shorter forms of poetry that I’ve written and dating from some time back up until this year. Most of the poems have appeared on the blog over the past years, but now I have nice big serving of them in one place.

This book brings me closer to my goal of creating a print book of the inventory of poetry I have written and accumulated over the years. I’ve got collage poetry to work on now, but once that’s done – new books will be new works.

I had hoped to include snippets in the book as represented in their original forms – you remember, the phrases/words cut from print and pasted on a small cards. I experimented and tried out ideas and stirred things up in different ways. Finally, though, I realized that including color images in the book would make the price of each copy higher than I wanted. I decided to type out the snippets instead, and I have to say, I am happy with the result. The focus is on the words rather than on the snippet as an object. I’m glad I went through this process of discovery, because now I can see a book of collage poetry can work even if the collage aspect of it is absent.

Words is what it’s all about, in the end. That’s what I decided.

So, back to Get to the Point. You can buy it on Amazon, just as you can with my other books. And if you are wondering, the cover picture is a selfie I took of my own shadow. I thought it was a straight to the point kind of image, like the kind of poetry in this book.

Thank you to everyone who reads my words.

Get to the Point book cover 6-16 small


27 thoughts on “Get to the Point

  1. I decided that if I were going to do a more expensive book I wanted to make it be about images and artwork, not just snippets. So…someday…my mind is still working on this…

  2. Thank you and you’re welcome. It is so satisfying to create a book and it’s an easy process, I feel so lucky that things have advanced so that I can do this, instead of just having all this writing in a notebook or something. I look forward to your book.

  3. I still have the idea in my mind for it. One day I will do something, I feel sure, but because I like to give the books away if I can, well, then, I have to pay attention to costs. Sigh…But – not so long ago, not even a print book like this would have been possible, would it? I still find that amazing, that I can just decide to make a book… and then do it!

  4. Me and my ever-present (in the summer) hat. Just one manifestation of that complex and exciting being, me! (This will be the caption for this photo in my entrancing yet-to-be written and certainly not asked for autobiography!)

    OOps, I just could have said – thank you!

  5. Nothing like seeing your words in a book, I bet you could come up with something pretty good along these lines and if you do, I’ll buy a copy. Thanks!

  6. Yes, it is great. Technology makes sharing and access so much easier than it was.
    I remember having to send the actual manuscripts through the mail for my first books–and then being so anxious about the page proofs.

  7. Yes. because printing was such a FINAL process, wasn’t it? Not like now, easy to make changes, so more accessibility, and more people can participate.

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