Tanka 9

I live near a highway but it doesn’t bother me. Maybe other people feel differently.

I had to look up whether “hour” is one syllable or two. One, that’s the answer, courtesy of the diphthong, the dictionary tells me. Anyway, that’s good, so my syllable scheme could go on as I wanted it to.

Daylight on Friday
the traffic noise started up
ruining the last hour
of anyone’s sleep. No chat
around the breakfast table.

Out There on the Highway 12 x 16 5-16 small

“Out There on the Highway”, acrylics, 12″ x 16″


32 thoughts on “Tanka 9

  1. You know, after living 1/4 mile from a highway for a decade plus, I don’t notice any traffic noise unless maybe large trucks every once in a while, and I like hearing the busyness – at a remove. There is a large highrise complex down the street, right on the highway, and that would be too much, I think. Although I do like watching traffic. Hmmmm…

  2. Thank you. Do you know what, I think this painting is the 4th on this particular board, I just couldn’t get satisfied. Now, I think I will be stopping, I feel good about this one.

  3. A quarter mile away is maybe okay (for sanity). And I know what you mean about the busyness. I used to find the sound of passing cars soothing when I slept over at my grandmother’s being afraid of the dark and all that…

  4. I think for us it’s the trucks we hear early in the morning and I guess that makes sense for long distance transport. It’s the noise from the commuter trains so early in the mornings that makes me wonder where people are off to at that hour.

  5. I love how this all rolls together–no one chatting because their sleep was ruined? or because the traffic is noise enough? Delightful in possibility, and in a certain embracing of this fact of life.

  6. Thank you, that encourages me. (Not to splotch this one out, I mean!). My determination never to waste a surface means I’m quick to paint over something Which is not always the best idea.

  7. I love to portray ambiguity, I guess, I’ve always seen both sides of a question and usually empathized with both and so I live in a perpetual checkered zone where more than one thing is true at once. And I like the layers that exist in the most banal situations. Thank you for seeing this on my work here!

  8. I have made it a point to try to live so all part of my life are near to each other, a result of living out in the country, and driving miles and miles to everything, when I was young. Funny how that stuck with me.

  9. I’m used to driving long distances from living so remotely for over a decade in Argyll. Here I’m a weenie when it comes to distance driving because the major roads don’t follow the logic I am used to and I am not familiar enough yet with it to make accurate decisions quickly enough. Even the PA turnpike unsettles me at present.

  10. I love the scene you paint with words (painting, too). I pictured the glum faces around the breakfast table, but perhaps Jennifer is right that they’re not talking because it’s noisy. That would make me upset if it was that noisy.

  11. You know, I imagined them as a chronically glum group, everything gets on their nerves, and they’ll finish breakfast and move on to some other grumblings. I do like the mystery of this crowd and taking a little look into their life.

    Oh dear, I think I may have tipped over into my habit of making a story out of everything.

  12. The sad thing is, with this painting, darn it, I did, and I thought it was all right, and then later it let me down and I was wild to correct the situation. Well, that seems ok once, but 4 times? Where was my muse during all this?!

  13. You’ll get there. I felt the same way and now I get around fine. I think the fact that I had to drive for my job for a long time really helped me. I’ll try anywhere. Now Pittsburgh, that is another story. I think you know my feelings on this city and its roads!

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