Tanka 8

In my garage. I opened the door but I could not get him to go outside.

The ungainly bee
makes clumsy dives at the glass
seeking an escape
fated never to happen.
The window is fixed in place.

Garage 11-9-15 small

The garage, from the outside looking in.


20 thoughts on “Tanka 8

  1. It might amuse you that ‘tanka’ means ‘thin’ in Slovenian. I don’t know the origin of this word in poetic context. As always, you make me feel in fewest words.

  2. Bees seem not to have any sense at all. I’ve noticed that they bumble about, bouncing off the walls and ceiling even when the window is wide open. Flies seem to find the way out much easier.

  3. A year or so ago, I chased a wasp all over my house. I was trying to get it out, not kill it, but it didn’t work. I’m always afraid the cats will get it and get stung.

  4. Thank you, I think that this is another one of those great examples of everyday serendipity, because I try to say a lot in a little bit of space. Tanka is a Japanese word for a form of short poetry, like haiku.

  5. I had the whole garage door open and in came a rush of air, so if the darn thing had any sense sure it would have noticed, but no. Just stayed at the window. Fine, I said, you chose, and I shut the door after a while, can’t stand out there all day! You are right, they are too singleminded . Not smart.

  6. Yes, the darn things don’t understand you want to help and it becomes personal, doesn’t it? I am very afraid of wasps, though, having been stung most recently last summer and my hand swelled and itched and I never want to have that happen again, so, I’d whack a wasp in a second.

    I have seen my cat following a wasp around the house and thought the same thing. Surely they would have the sense, you think, but…I don’t want the cat to swell up and itch, do I?!

  7. It got personal. I felt aggravated that it would not take my helping hand, so to speak, and I found myself getting annoyed about it. So there, I thought, figure it out yourself, and shut the garage door. Just nuts, I was.

  8. My cats love bug chasing, and they often catch them, too. So it is a worry. One of mine once caught and swallowed a bee or wasp–it was so quick I couldn’t even react. No ill effects though, thank goodness.

  9. That’s scary. Great that there was no harm done. My cats have always liked doing this, too, and I wonder what the bugs think when they are captured.

  10. Yes, and end up in the bathroom buzzing between the window and the ceiling light and there is nothing that can be done to distract them. Until they die and fall in the bathtub. Which is what happens here.

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