Tanka 7

The thoughts of readers
who have traveled in this book
before I entered
greet me from the first pages
As I read their voices speak.

Loud voice small

Artist trading card, mixed media.


11 thoughts on “Tanka 7

  1. I love the way the green figure is emerging from or walking away from a sort of green shadow she is casting. Your poem made me think of all the books I’ve annotated in the past and how they capture my thoughts at that moment in time. My oldest son was flicking through one of my books from my undergraduate days and commented that it would be hard for him to read that copy as then he would be reading my thoughts and hearing my interpretations in his head while trying to form his own views.

  2. Thank you. Sometimes I cut out a whole lot of figures while watching TV and save them up for later. relaxing. restful. And I don’t like to sit idle.

  3. I avoided buying used books in college for this same reason, though it would have saved me a lot of money. I would only do it if they had not been really marked up by the earlier owner because then all I did was read what they highlighted!

  4. Thank you, what a great thing to say! I can tell you there will always be more. Seems the more I write or paint or whatever, the more ideas come along…!!!

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