Tanka #6

More old book thoughts.

I run my fingers
across faded lines of print
whose indentations
express a meaning set deep
in the soft brittle paper

A Good Book small

“A Good Book” – collage, 2001 (?)


18 thoughts on “Tanka #6

  1. I hope not. Because really a book is so much easier to read, I think, and I think people will always want that form, to some extent. I love the way books feel and look, it’s not just the words, it’s that it’s an object, too.

  2. Thank you. The collage is from so long ago. I did it from a picture of a man sitting in front of City Hall in Phila. on a bench, reading. Used painted papers only for this image.

  3. Oh, what a great way to describe it! I like it!

    In real life I used a photo I took of a man sitting on a bench in a flagstone terrace in front of Philadelphia City Hall, reading while he ate lunch, a LONG time ago.

  4. So true about actual books…I just don’t like reading on a screen. It’s something, but not a book And of course your poem and collage are both great! (K)

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