Mail Art Remnant

According to my notes, I wrote this tanka (5-7-5-7-7) in 2013 to illustrate mail art. I can’t find the image it went with, so I guess I didn’t keep a picture of it. I do wonder what it looked like, after reading this little poem.


Ancient stone ghost-trees
rise and crack the foul pink sky.
Terrified, I run,
while time reverses. Green leaves
spring out from fossil branches.


17 thoughts on “Mail Art Remnant

  1. Maybe the person I sent it to will read this and let me know, but I doubt it – my former mail art circles and the blog don’t intersect much. Sigh…I guess my infallible system for record keeping…failed!

  2. Yes, I remember when I wrote it, I kind of shocked myself. I don’t usually have apocalyptic visions! Or visions of any kind! But I remember it all just kind of poured out in one stream, when I wrote this. So…guess it was in there waiting…???

  3. Oh dear. I don’t know if I could ever walk back over that path, in either case. It fell out of my head and on to the paper, I do remember writing this, but not the image itself.

  4. Thank you, it makes perfect sense. I remember I wrote this very fast, just as it occurred to me, looking at the piece, which, as I said, I can’t visualize now (not surprising, I have no visual memory, just like my problem with faces and locations). Kind of like starting new all over when I read this, in terms of getting an image in my mind!

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