Haiku Group Old Books

For me, a haiku group is a chain of haikus written all at the same time on a theme. Usually I’m trying to work out my thoughts on the subject, examining it from several sides.


Haiku Group Old Books

Fragile in body
print faded and pages soft
the book still has strength

Faded lines of print
run across thick soft pages
agile as ever

My careless fingers
tear the fragile soft paper
as I turn the page

The brittle pages
tear at my touch: I will be
the book’s last reader

The book now too frail
the soft pages tear in two
splitting long-joined thoughts

Conrad books, Arcadia library


21 thoughts on “Haiku Group Old Books

  1. I absolutely love this haiku group! I love that each one is separate, but when read together they tell a story. I especially like the last one–pages and thoughts. Wonderful!

  2. The last three are a good argument for e-readers. 😉 But seriously, I especially love the first two, and the thought-provoking contrast between “agile as ever” and “splitting long-joined thoughts.”

  3. Thank you. One leads into another and that is why I like doing this – letting the ideas flow and not trying to cram them into one thing. I tend to like to read and write shorter forms.

  4. Yes, you are right!
    In a weird way, competing in our local Senior Games, where I met a lot of women 20 years older than me and plenty competitive, made me think about all the old things in my life and their continued relevance and proven staying power. I hope to be one of those old things someday, I’m just embarking on that section of my life!

  5. Thank you. I’m still smelling old books in my imagination, I haven’t done any thing yet to release that thought from my mind, so there may be more old books-themed stuff…

  6. Yes, there is something to being venerable, like an old book. Although some old books are just plain laughable and misinforming, and others silly. Hmmmm…sounds like people, right?

  7. Books are something of a disappearing thing. We are moving at the speed of light to the future where all that is read is done so in the cyber world. But I do love books.


  8. Yes. I think books will still be around. They are easy to use, go anywhere, and don’t need batteries, plus – I think people like them. I hope for a world that always has actual books.

  9. I like your haiku group concept– linked by process and theme yet each can stand alone. I feel a certain sadness when old books start to fall apart.

  10. Yes, me too, especially when they are my books and worn out, but also when I find them on their last journey before the trash. Even as I cut up books for collage I read them first, a lot of times, or at least some part – the thought of being the last reader always makes me a little sad…

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