Haiku 182 – The Theme is Words

Four words flying out
but three words returning home
to work their damage.

"Words Bars Scribbles" - mixed media, 2012 (?)

“Words Bars Scribbles” – mixed media, 2012 (?)


20 thoughts on “Haiku 182 – The Theme is Words

  1. Thank you. I enjoy thinking of the inside of my head as filing drawers like a card catalog with a radar dish on top to catch ideas as they whizz by, as that’s how I think it works-ideas are everywhere for us to grasp!

  2. Interesting. I have rooms in my head where different subjects and ideas are stored. When my now 9 year old was something like 3 or 4 he described his mind as being a room full of labelled shelves and the shelves had labelled boxes and he could always find what he needed that way and truly he does have a very good memory. But it’s interesting to me that we visual people have created an image of our mind’s interior.

  3. I have realized I used to think of my filing drawers as being made of wood, but now I see them as made of metal. And bigger, like an old filing cabinet. Wonder what that is meaning. Maybe I needed more storage space so I changed styles…

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