Haiku 171 – The Theme is Weather

The cold rain set off
to do the job in shirtsleeves
and waterproof boots

"Rain All Day" - collage/mixed media, 2002 (?)

“Rain All Day” – collage/mixed media, 2002 (?)


18 thoughts on “Haiku 171 – The Theme is Weather

  1. The haiku made me smile because this is the way the weather has been lately. I love the collage. The violet tones capture the way spring rainy season we’ve been having. Somehow it’s not the violet grey of winter, but the happier violet tones of spring flowers. (Hope that makes sense.) 🙂

  2. What a fitting haiku for the May we have been experiencing here. I absolutely adore that collage. The strong use of lines and the colours make me think of it almost as a weaving and, of course, it makes me think of rainy days under heavy mauve skies back home in Scotland. It also makes me think of an artist I met once. He paints lots of rainy scenes of Scotland and also the closes, or entry ways, of tenement buildings. I think they might appeal to you. His name is Bryan Evans.

  3. Thank you. Yes, our weather too. Lots and lots of rain. My goodness. I know just what you mean about the violet color being spring vs. winter. Funny how just a little makes a difference, in color and in the change of seasons and how we perceive it.

  4. Yes, what a lot of rain. Rain. Rain! Thank you about the collage. It’s from a long time ago, when I was starting to leave a more realistic style and just do what looked good to me. I do think it captures that rainy feeling as well as look. And thank you for the recommendation, I’m writing it down/

  5. Thank you. I’ll tell you what to do, get some sketch papers and just paint them. Then use them in collage, when you cut them up, it is amazing what happens. I used to do collages just with painted papers, now I mix them with magazines and so on. There is an extra benefit to making papers like this, too, because it is really fun just to paint colors and fingerpaint and so on, does your head good, I always think. A whole afternoon can go by just making papers.

  6. I’m glad you knew what I meant.
    I guess it has something to do with the length of the day and the angle of the sun–even behind the clouds. I think I live not far from you, in S. Jersey, so we have pretty much the same weather.

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