Haiku 168, 180 – The Theme is Birds

Scoured clean of crumbs
the sidewalk owed its fresh state
to fat gray pigeons

Just because a bird
took my song and added on
I don’t bear a grudge

Clay tile, 2013 - creature holding a small bird.

Clay tile, 2013 – creature holding a small bird.


30 thoughts on “Haiku 168, 180 – The Theme is Birds

  1. Thank you! I like clay because of the change it makes from malleable to solid when it’s fired, and yet how the solid object retains the malleable personality it started with. I always marvel at that transformation that seems to be the best of both.

    Plus, I like birds.!!!

  2. I like the idea of urban pigeons – so often regarded as vermin – as being helpful citizens, keeping the streets clean. The tile is delightful and makes me think of Norman MacCaig’s poem ‘Assissi’.

  3. Pigeons have their good side just like all of us! Right? Actually, I like the look of them, and they do work hard at tracking down any bit of food they can. As for the tile, it was a favorite of mine. I wish I had kept it instead of selling it. Hindsight…

  4. Thank you! I love birds and find them interesting and beautiful even in mundane situations. Especially this time of year when they have returned after winter.

  5. I’ve seen some mangy, street-tough pigeons in London that struggled to endear themselves to me. They basically lived in the underground. Most pigeons, however, don’t bother me. I certainly don’t view them as winged rats as others do. They’ve evolved to be scavengers and only manage to do so by virtue of humans evolving to be lazy and feckless and leave debris everywhere. Now urban gulls are a whole other thing.

  6. The second one made me laugh.
    I think it’s funny when I hear mockingbirds imitate all sorts of sounds–motors, cats. . .I’m sure they do your song, too.
    Cool tile, too. I love how “the creature” is cradling the bird.

  7. I’m practicing to be a bird in my next life, hoping to gain acceptance!

    I like this tile, too, one of the favorites that I have made. As I’ve said, wish I hadn’t sold it, but…I made the tiles to be sold. And a good thing or otherwise we’d be buried under them here at home now!

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