Two Thoughts on Noses and Springtime

I used the form 5-7-5-7-7 syllables for these stanzas. I liked the idea of having some boundaries in creating and this spring poem is one of what resulted from some idle moments. I’ll put the others up some other time, but this one seemed to call out for being published right now – it’s certainly seasonal in theme.

Two Thoughts on Noses and Springtime

One sneeze and then one
Bless You. The pollen count is high
even at night. Someone
next door is allergic. Spring
opens windows. People sneeze.

Carry some tissues
in your pocketbook. This spring
you will surely sneeze
more times than you have tissues.
Pollen floats. Your nose awaits.

Clay tiles - four faces in a group with noses 4-16 small.jpg

Clay tiles, about 2″ square.


12 thoughts on “Two Thoughts on Noses and Springtime

  1. I had to laugh when I read what you wrote yesterday knowing I had set this poem up for today. You are not alone in your sneezing and allergies, for sure.

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