Haiku 166, 167, 178, 181, 183 – The Theme Is Group Behavior

In the library
startled by a sudden sneeze
we whisper – bless you

Pacing the storm cloud
the crowd leaves the picnic grounds
as the first drops fall

Passersby who heard
the songs and the loud laughter
returned the favor

A bit more sunshine
is what everyone asks for,
then complains of sweat.

Certainly no one
had given a moment’s thought
to greasing some palms.

"Group Portrait", acrylics, 2015

“Group Portrait”, acrylics, 2015


12 thoughts on “Haiku 166, 167, 178, 181, 183 – The Theme Is Group Behavior

  1. These are all great vignettes and studies of human nature. The first one actually made me chuckle because it reminded me that last week I experienced something similar in the library. I am a notoriously loud sneezer and with seasonal allergies I let off a volley of loud sneezes. Some nearby folks whispered Bless You to me as if their utterances might disturb people while my explosive sneezing had not.

  2. Don’t you love how there are norms, and people know them without consulting? Sneezes can’t be helped, they can be as loud as can be, but talking, well, in the library, it must be a whisper. I love this little vignette.

  3. “The Theme Is Group Behavior” sounds like a perfect central motif for some dystopic novel. And once I started thinking that, the final haiku took on a much more sinister flavor… 🙂

  4. Thank you. I really appreciate it that you see in my work what I hope to be portraying – everyday life is what I know and I admit, I find it fascinating, so I’m lucky, material right under my nose all the time! Thank you for reading.

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