Haiku 159, 160, 163, 173 – The Theme is Insect Life

The insect wandered
in pointless zigzag patterns
on the windowsill

On the windowsill
a feeble insect struggles
with motivation

The weary insect
crawls along the window frame
dragging a crushed leg

The small black insect
seeks an exit from the room
through a solid wall

clay tile - insect, 2010

clay tile – insect, 2010


15 thoughts on “Haiku 159, 160, 163, 173 – The Theme is Insect Life

  1. Oh I love this, Claudia. Totally love. Can you tell me what you’re using to make this? Do you start with a tile and add to it? And if so, what kind? And then I assume some type of acrylic paint for the outside? This is really cool. So much character and love the shapes and textures. I’ve been wanting to try some paperclay, got a package and haven’t done anything with it yet – have you ever worked with this?

  2. Each of these acute observations about insects seems to be imbued with a sense of world weariness or hopelessness. That clay tile is marvellous. I love it!

  3. Thank you. I was watching an insect at the library on the windowsill and that started me off. For some reason all his efforts gave me the impression he had given up, rather than that he was confidently zipping along. Don’t know why (hope I was not getting his brain waves).

  4. I have always found insects fascinating to watch even if sometimes I am afraid of them, like wasps. And they are beautiful, interesting shapes and colors. I do wonder what they think about.

  5. Quick version, tell me if you want more info. This tile is done in stoneware clay (same as mugs, etc) fired in a kiln. I make the tile by rolling out the clay, scrape patterns, add the insect, you name it. Fire it once. Then I use underglaze (a kind of clay-based color) for the color- I cover the tile with it and then wash it off, and it stays in the grooves. Then I fire it the final time. No paints, the color and the clay become one.

    I have used paperclay before, but I didn’t find it different enough from the regular clays for what I was doing to keep on with it. It’s a lower temp firing clay – I prefer terracotta, if I am working in that temperature range.

    If you search clay tiles on my art blog you will see more work of this kind. I have not made tiles like this for maybe a year or more now. Needed a change and so I have been painting more than doing sculptural stuff.

  6. Thanks, Claudia, that’s really helpful and sounds pretty exciting. You clearly have the touch for this medium, adding to an established repertoire. Create on, and I’ll look forward to seeing your updates. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wasps do not like me and they can sense my antipathy as well. You are right. There could be a story there. One I might not like facing, though. Because honestly, I am scared of wasps a LOT.!

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