Haiku 153, 169, 170, 174, 175 – The Theme is Personality

So she prattled on
no smarter than a corn stalk
and with less to say.

Offered no hanger,
he threw the coat on a chair
upholstered in silk

Think of the carpet,
begged the hostess, to deaf ears,
It was expensive.

The new boss annoyed
the whole office staff, bar none,
inside of a day

The burned-out coach drilled
the talent-free team members
without much success

"Portrait Mask" - collage, 2002 (?)

“Portrait Mask” – collage, 2002 (?)


22 thoughts on “Haiku 153, 169, 170, 174, 175 – The Theme is Personality

  1. Thank you on both counts. The haikus I am at home with. As I said to K, the mask scared me and I was glad when it went its way. My own creation and I felt uneasy around it!

  2. 153 and 175 are my favourites in that order. Promise I like the others too! Don’t find the collage scary but it’s easy to talk: never saw it for real and have time and several computer screens never mind actual distance in kilometres between me and it. Made a drawing once of a woman, meant to do a group portrait actually but it didn’t work out that way. She ended up on the A1 size paper all by herself, only her head. She often spoke to me. I gave her to a friend and the friend reported the same thing. She (the portrait) ended up in a cupboard and now no longer know where it’s at. Indeed portraits can be powerful. At first I thought I was slightly nuts, but many other people reported similar spooky things.

  3. It’s almost like these portraits take on their own lives apart from whoever they are meant to be depicting. This one bothered me from the beginning and I think it kept me from wanting to try more of them in collage. Crazy but true. I totally understand the shutting away of your portrait that you did.

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