Haiku 151,155,164, 172 – The Theme is Food

No one was looking
at the lemon meringue pie
so I took a slice.

The librarian
reprimanded the reader
for eating a snack.

In the library
overlooked by the ancients
students think of lunch.

The gathered carrots
become a pound of sunshine
resting in your hands

Clay tile, 6" x 6".

Clay tile, 6″ x 6″.


15 thoughts on “Haiku 151,155,164, 172 – The Theme is Food

  1. Short poems don’t usually do it for me — I want a WHOLE CAKE of a poem, not a single slice! Your thematic groupings allow these pieces to shine, even for a greedy reader like me. Delightful. šŸ™‚

  2. You know, I’m the opposite, I like a bite at a time. So that’s why I like haiku. But you are right – I often find taking one bite leads to another one when I am writing, and reading, this form!

    Thank, I love the cake image!

  3. Sadly, that person was me, being admonished. I thought I had gotten away with it but the librarian was positively thrilled to be able to get on to me, I think. Almost gleeful.

  4. The conversation between you and Alice is what made me like the 2nd haiku the best. As having the snack as a metaphor for paging through books, and the librarian hurrying one on because school students will need the tables shortly.

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