Haiku 150, 154, 179 – The Theme is Road

I have a listing of haikus that I’ve written over the years, good, bad, indifferent, but all have their place in the line-up. I realize that I have a group of them that I haven’t published. Some were written in the February Poetry Marathon and some just here and there. I think I’ll see if I can’t catch up. Get ready for a haiku immersive experience, Claudia-style…

Quiet and watchful
the road waits. It takes its tolls
in anxious footsteps.

The traffic light blinks
a loyal public servant
standing in the rain.

Too long on the road
the city falls into dust
before we arrive

Rainy day, Wyncote, PA

Rainy day, Wyncote, PA


9 thoughts on “Haiku 150, 154, 179 – The Theme is Road

  1. Well I for one would not have expected an ordinary road and its traffic to inspire haiku. You have the gift of seeing the poetry in even the most mundane things.

  2. These are all great. What a wonderful, whimsical, Claudia-like topic for haiku. I think 154 is my favorite. A picture of patient machinery implying all the impatient people.

  3. Thank you. Sometimes I wonder if I get too bleak with things, but then, well, I go on. You see what you see. I remember writing 150, and it was a dark wet day and this is what it seemed to be saying…

  4. Well, you know, life is full of details, just more than I can digest, I think, wish I were three persons to be able to experience things before they pass by so fast…you do notice things when you are in the car just driving around or walking around and I try to make a note of it so that I can write things down later (Siri in my new phone also takes dictation, thank you, Siri!)

  5. That’s exactly how I felt about the traffic light – it really struck me how we are all going to and fro and ending up in the same place, while the traffic light, well – you know! And who is better off, right? Thank you for reading, I always appreciate your comments.

  6. ‘You see what you see.’ It’s the truth. Bleak is part of it. Reminds me of a haiku by Basho: Spider are you crying, or is it the rain?

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