Explanation of Frost

From the Poetry Marathon in February, 2015.

Explanation of Frost

Winter. A freeze last night and now
Sun on the roof and the frost running
away from it. The line clearly marked
territory to territory and the one shrinking
and the other growing. Sun on the roof in the winter
the day gets stronger and the night a memory
of frost
Frost on the roof in the winter
Some say a house with good insulation in the attic
Some say winter hitting with a hard hand.
I watch the frost-eaten roof spread itself out in the sun
to wait for more tonight. Winter.



Frost on the underside of a USPS mailbox lid. 2015.


7 thoughts on “Explanation of Frost

  1. Thank you. I have always been fascinated by the sun, frost, and roofs, and their relationship! Don’t know why. Likewise photographing the underside of a mailbox lid, but…this is what makes life interesting, details, right?

  2. Everything has beauty and can be thrilling! I like Andy Warhol’s quote
    “You need to let things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”

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