A Small Story in Winter

Think back a little to the winter just passed. I wrote this during February 2016’s Poetry Marathon.

A Small Story in Winter

The branch hardly more than a twig
skinny as the sparrow feet
that have just now grasped it
exchanges its crest of sticky snow
for feet-purchase for the bird
Dumps the snow
on the inches of white on the ground below
in a perfect replica of the staggery line
of the branch hardly more than a twig.
The sparrow
unaware of the transaction
holds tight to the branch almost too small
for even a bird as tiny
as the sparrow
evaluates the matter
from its own point of view and
for some reason dissatisfied
flies away.
Snow begins to fall
once more
on the branch
hardly more than a twig.




7 thoughts on “A Small Story in Winter

  1. It’s interesting that you say that, because I thought the same thing. Or else, maybe, it was that I seemed to see every step of this little vignette very clearly for some reason, though it happened in a few seconds. For some reason I was really observing? The memory of being so attuned has stayed with me as much as what I saw here.

    Thanks, you reminded me again why I like poetry so much, it fixes memories of all kinds in place!

  2. I love the slow-motion quality, too. This gives nature such an importance–even the smallest things that can be appreciated, thought through, respected–which is deeply joyful, I think.

  3. That’s so curious. I wouldn’t have thought about it this way, but it’s true–while reading it, I also saw each motion as though it was taking place over a while or in slow motion.

  4. Yes. I had not thought of it that way, but I do usually see things in this manner, step by step, not in slow motion, but they arrange themselves. I’m not expressing this well, but I have always thought in this manner, interesting how it comes out in this poem?

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