my eyes
the dim light in a dream.
hidden from view.
the labyrinth found.
without saying anything
I listened.

Obscured - on ATC 4-15-16 small

“Obscured” – collage poem



11 thoughts on “Obscured

  1. Not always, though, not the kind that are designed for meditation. There is one at a college near me that’s very soothing. Labyrinth is often used as a synonym for maze, but they are different, and I thought that was interesting for this poem.

  2. Yes. I think it’s the Minotaur that started the confusion with mazes.

    I got interested in labyrinths some time back and seek them out now. I visit one in particular on the grounds of a college near me. I enjoy the walk in a labyrinth, calming, somehow. Tell that to Theseus and Ariadne, right?

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