Count On

Count On

The reading room in the library
stretches off into the distance. The long wall
curves inward. I sit at the end of a shallow crescent
matching the façade of the building that is judged
quite attractive because its lines reveal
only so much
and no more.
I cannot see the windows at the other end of the room
the ones beside me
but I can see
sunshine streaming in
landing in rectangles
on the pale green carpet. Evidence that the pattern
holds true
the pattern holds true. I need to see
only so much. I do not need to see
all. The pattern
holds true.

Lively Pattern small

“Lively Pattern”, collage,  @ 2002 (?)


16 thoughts on “Count On

  1. Thank you. I wrote this while in the reading room at Arcadia U library and it made me reflect on how I want to know all the answers and have everything out in the open and settled, when maybe…a little faith in the world would help?!

  2. Thank you. I did the art a long time ago and made several in this vein, inspired by a quilting pattern that I had hated sewing but I really liked when all I had to do was glue the strips and I could go anywhere I wanted to with it.

  3. I love this poem, and the collage, too. I think I want to see the patterns, too, but sometimes you just have to realize that the patterns hold true.
    (I also love libraries, and that seems a good place to make such a realization.) 🙂

  4. Yes, it is funny, but as I was writing it I saw it as fitting into a shape in my head, like the room I was in, I was fitting into its shape. So often words to me arrange themselves in patterns and I see them, even as I speak them (sounds odd, I know) and this is one of those times it happened.

  5. Yes. One day, I had had enough sewing. It was as if I had used up my lifetime allotment of stitches and now – no more. The very idea of sewing now gives me the shivers. Funny.

  6. Thank you. I often think we live in what is essentially a meaningless world, and yet I persist in seeing patterns and trying to create patterns, so then, for me, it isn’t. Having faith in this pattern-thing, wherever it comes from, is really important, I think.

  7. That is strange. I’ve always admired people who are not helpless when faced with tissue and thread. I’d assumed it was an ability that lasted a lifetime.

  8. I can still sew. I just don’t ever want to again. I did hundreds of wall hangings, big and small, and then going back more, I sewed many of my clothes from maybe age 11 or so, or helped my mother with them, and then I sewed for my son and husband. As I said, one day, I could no longer face the machine. I really do think there is a limit to most things and I had reached mine!

  9. Beautiful collage, Claudia! I only dislike sewing because I hate my machine very much lol! But I feel ya completely. So much freer with collage, paint, drawing, almost anything beats being limited to fiber & what a machine can or will or won’t do.

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