Waiting Room Nether World

I spent a lot of time in these places over the last few years and my observations prompted me to write this poem in the fall of 2015. It is my ambition to experience this situation never again!

Waiting Room Nether World

We wait.
Twenty or so of us
We are strangers to each other. We wait
to see the doctor. We all know
what faces us. We all have the same
troubles. We know each other well.

We have no last names. The nurse
calls for Stephanie Ronald Jessica Susan
One of us goes through the door
at the end of the room
The rest of us think
– That was Susan.
We will never see her again.
Most likely we will be
in the process of examination
confirmation or denial
for our own selves
when she leaves
but we know what she takes with her.
We carry it ourselves.

Where Are You In All This Crowd small

“Where Are You in All This Crowd?” – acrylics, 2008

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