The knitting. The pattern collapsed
the work now tangled into a knot.
I am not capable of picking it apart
to start over
I lack patience
and besides, the yarn is ruined
for reworking now.
I would like to think the yarn has defied me
to our mutual detriment
but I cannot escape
blame. Yet it is up to me to repair.
I find the scissors. I am poised to cut
the snarl
ruin the smooth run of the strand.
I hesitate. Once done it cannot
be undone.
I squeeze the handles.
Feel the pressure of the blades on the fiber.
The severing. The tangle drops away.
If I should have tried harder
to pick apart the problem
it does not matter now.
Trivial as this incident is
my sadness at the irrevocable
Is not.


Clay tile. Small creature knitting. 2014.



21 thoughts on “Repairings

  1. My embroidery floss gets tangled like this all the time, and I’m always having to cut and pull out stitches. But with knitting, I just unravel a few rows, and it doesn’t bother me as much. No sense to it, but there it is. (K)

  2. I’ve rarely gotten so tangled in knitting that I had to cut, unless I used one of those hairy yarns or ones with appendages, and then…it seems it goes right to a tangle out of the gate. Embroidery, now, that was a constant struggle. I wonder what would happen if I took up macramé? !

  3. I know this feeling well–what if and will I regret it? Waste of time? Waste of materials? Those lines about hesitating, then squeezing the handles…yes.
    The tile, oh my goodness, love love.

  4. Thank you for poem and art both.

    I like the drama of the irrevocable and it occurs in the merest moments, I think, not just the wild thriller books I like to read!

    Knitting creature, well, another facet of my personality, maybe?

  5. Thank you!

    I learned to crochet twice (obviously it did not stick). I made one granny square baby blanket and called it a victory. As to knitting, I learned 50 years ago and I have made you name it I made it! I do dishcloths now and that’s about it. I think I’ve knitted myself out. But I had many pleasant hours and millions of stitches of enjoyment. And the occasional…Disaster!

  6. I love how you take this ordinary thing and make it into a philosophical discussion. It’s poignant and profound. Sometimes the trivial looms large, doesn’t it?
    Love the tile!

  7. For me, I think everything is contained in something larger, so maybe just a little incident or item has something to say about a larger theme, or at least that is how I have always interpreted things, even as a child (sometimes assigning some interesting meanings to things, as I think back!!!)

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