The three stones are arranged
three points of a triangle
on the path
courtesy of being
kicked by someone walking along paying no attention
Stopped by friction and held down by gravity,
and they didn’t even seem to care
about any of it. They just sat down
and sat.
On the other hand
the pair of cellophane-veined wings torn
from some insect
and now lying near the rocks
but not with them
expressed a great deal of regret
about how things had turned out.

Wings Lorimer 8-21-15 BW small


14 thoughts on “Pairing

  1. It’s sad, but your wry tone did make me chuckle a bit–the randomness of life.
    It is so strange though to come across something like that. Great photo!

  2. I remember seeing a dragonfly eat a small butterfly until only its wings were left, and they fluttered to the ground. Not these wings, but they made me think of that earlier scene.

  3. Yes, there is no knowing what happened, exactly, but we can certainly guess, and the thing is, it’s commonplace, things die, things live, and some things just – are. I like to think about this and move the pieces around, writing about it helps, but I don’t get any answers! And I too get a smile and shake my head at how odd things are sometimes. Lots of times!

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