Darwin Said

Darwin Said

The sales just weren’t there and so
Tri-Trinity Beauty Products
was asked to leave. Evicted
from the endcap. The display dismantled.
Hauled out on a dolly. I watched it happen.

A day later
I viewed the remains
now piled next to the dumpster.
The sleek plastic laminate skin of the shelves –
so classy – scarred and peeling away from its true self,
a plywood base. Embarrassing.
The opening where the video screen had been installed
– the one that played a soundless loop of images of
very pretty
completely sanitized
renovated women
that no one stopped to watch that I ever saw –
now framed the peeling paint of the dumpster.
Mind you, the electronics were salvaged.
I saw the workman set them aside myself.
By now they have gone on to promote
some other
lifestyle enhancement.

As does the endcap.
Shopping today, I saw that
the space now features
Toys Kids Will Love.


Stepping Out For Some Shopping small

“Stepping Out For Some Shopping” – mixed media, @ 24″ x 20″, @ 2011.


15 thoughts on “Darwin Said

  1. I was really struck by the imagery of the remains–the laminate skin peeled away–when you were discussing a display of beauty products. Well done.

  2. Such a statement piece, Claudia! For me, I’m feeling a dizzying (or perhaps overwhelming) foray into an array of commercial opportunities.

  3. Thank you. I had my doubts about this one but decided not to throw it out. Because the initial impulse I had to write this kept persisting so I did write it, but then… So thank you for saying this.

  4. Thank you. This was prompted by a display at the grocery store where I eat lunch a lot and so I see things change, out with the old and in with the new, so often and so fast, it really struck me.

  5. Thank you. I was intrigued by the whole “façade” thing with this display – there was an actual one like this at the grocery store where I go almost every day, so I participate in the fight for shoppers’ attention all the time and have to remember to notice the devices used, they are interesting, and say something about what is important to people in everyday life. I also thought it was interesting how a beauty display had such a short shelf life and then “aged” and out the door. Appearances. Apppearances! and decay.

  6. Thank you. I know what you mean. dizzying and overwhelming seem to be in use in so many retail situations, I often feel overstimulated and in a short amount of time leave the store. Online shopping has been a big help!

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