Lunar Portrait

A collage poem.

Lunar Portrait

Suddenly, you glimpse
the smiling moon
sitting at the corner of
the small window
the stranger
polishing a glowing silence
the eye of night
the accomplice of sleep.

Lunar Portrait - collage poem image 3-16 small


23 thoughts on “Lunar Portrait

  1. Enjoying your word and paper collage poetry style – this one is wonderful. Love the use of the paint sample cards – I find them useful as tags for my art in the studio, I put the titles and prices on them.

  2. Thank you. I go through a session with the words and get a whole group done, and I think they feed off each other. (Then I throw out all the words I’ve cut up and start over new when I do collage poetry again at a later time. Some kind of metaphor there, I am sure!) I love paint cards. They represent possibilities and fresh starts to me!

  3. This is one of my favorites so far, and this my favorite line: “the stranger/
    polishing a glowing silence.”

  4. Yes. I wait for it, each time I start to work, sometimes longer than other times! but I have found that my faith in the creative process is always rewarded if I’ll just stick with it, and I am grateful, because I honestly have no idea how these things work out, just glad they do. Hard work and faith in the process, the two things needed to be an artist or writer, I think.

  5. Thank you. I am really happy with this one too, it came to be without much effort and seemed just right from the start.

    I love the word “polish” and I was glad to find it and cut it out from the pages I was using for this and the other snippets I did at the same time. (I usually tear a page or two from several books and just stick with them for the duration of a snippety session rather than hunting around in a lot of sources. Keeps the flow of work moving). There is something soothing and loving about polishing something, I have always thought.

  6. And that all these words out there are free. Just for the taking! This version just happens to be from the subset of printed words. I’ll tell you, ever since I learned to read and write, I’ve never stopped, thank goodness the material is never ending!

  7. Yes. I think you would find this rewarding. I can see from your work that you make wonderful work from stray words, and this is similar. Though I think it requires a real letting-go of what you WANT to say and letting the available material set the bounds. In the process it is surprising what you find you wanted to say but had to search it out. It’s a nice process, I hope you do try it.

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