Snippet #11 from January, 2016

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20 thoughts on “Snippet #11 from January, 2016

  1. There is still time for me to take up this career, and you may have something there!

    Once at an exhibit, instead of leaving cards for people to pick up, I made index cards with cryptic one line sayings (clipped from magazines, ads, that kind of thing) and my info on the back. Put them in a box with a sign saying to take one, don’t cheat and try more than once, to get a fortune. And having done that, you have heard from the Oracle (a clay statue I put next to the box). At the opening I heard people discussing these proto-snippets very seriously and when the exhibit was over, the cards were pretty much gone, and I had made about 200 of them.

    Goes to show you. People want to have some guidance. I’m willing to provide it. But – let the buyer beware!

    I am having fun with snippets right now, aren’t I?

  2. You certainly are! I think you should keep an eye on those flour bags though. Sound like dodgy customers to me.
    People just love to have a harmless brush with the supernatural. Your cards were just that. If you’d charged they’d still have taken them.

  3. I just hope I don’t run into the flour twins because they sound like they have way too many ideas and I question my ability to keep up.

    You are right about the fortunes, and especially if I had dressed the part, although I think the clay statue (one of my goddess lady ones, largish) persuaded some people.

  4. They did that at our local library! Just a few words on a piece of paper, take one…it was great. I think they called it “fortune cookie without the cookie” or something like that. But what a great idea to do it at a show. (K)

  5. This made me laugh at first, because that’s what I’m like. But when I read it the second time it seemed like it could be a diary entry of a person with starting dementia. xx

  6. I was tired of just handing out business cards and I thought this was fun for me, fun for the patrons, and maybe they’d keep the card longer than it took to get home! I would like to do this again, if the opportunity presented itself. It is amazing what power people will give you, if you seem authoritative! The Oracle speaks!

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