Snippet #8 from January, 2016

Snippet 1-23-16 #8 small


9 thoughts on “Snippet #8 from January, 2016

  1. I’m not good with plot, I’m more the dive in and take a bite kind of writer, but – I do enjoy imagining what story snippets in this category are trying to be part of (I kind of have categories in my mind for snippets – cryptic sayings, advice, and this one, story fragments, and I guess there are other categories if I think about it). Anyway, I say, whoever wants to keep going with this accomplice/boat problem, be my guest. I’m kind of thinking a Nancy Drew/war spy story thing…

  2. If only I could ever come up with a plot. I’m good with the first lines. I think I just like to imagine the atmosphere of the scene and see the picture of the boat and so on, but what happens next, oh dear!

  3. I was just thinking of a surrealist shuffle story…I’ve been thinking of doing something like that myself. It’s on the list anyway!

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