25 thoughts on “Snippet #5 from January 2016

  1. I guess they could just join the crowd, right?!? The people, not the stars…the stars are blameless and have not misrepresented themselves at all!

  2. Stars, chicken entrails, tea leaves, they’re all full of interesting nuggets of information if you know how to read them. Some deluded people think they do. I agree—the stars just are.

  3. I pictured someone in a city, slowly going along the streets, the traffic lights going through their cycles but no traffic waiting, and this person crossing the street with the walk sign, and it all seems kind of useless, because the person is sad. I am hoping they can find their way out of this. Funny how I can create a whole scene from a darn little snippet!

  4. Yes. I am thinking of making a book of snippets and I think it may be beyond me to put them in an order. Maybe I will just pick at random, and let the snippets decide…?

  5. I think so too. It’s how the snippets have been formed in the first place, from random or miscellaneous phrases and words, arranging themselves, almost, so – they might as well keep it up!

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