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Hi everyone, here is the book I put together during the recent Loose Ends Poetry Marathon. I say “put together” because it is a collection of poems written in the past, from 2008, let’s say, up to 12/31/15. I think they’ve each been posted here on the blog, but as you know, I like books, and I love seeing my work as a book. So I’ve gathered up this group and here they are. In a book!

I called it “Ever Since”, because that’s how long I’ve been writing poetry. My husband suggested the title “Enough For a Book”, and I’m saving that one for the next group, as soon as there is “enough for a book”!

As always, it is available on Amazon, or I could send you a copy and save you some money, I think. It’s up to you, just ask. I think I will run a giveaway on Goodreads later on, and I’ll be sure to mention it.

OK, that’s it! Thank you as always for reading and paying attention to my work.

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  1. I love both titles and I’m glad you’re saving the other one for your next book. In fact, I love everything you do and how you go about it. I’m way behind on your blogs but will slowly catch up, with great pleasure.

    • What a really nice thing to say, thank you, and I feel the same way about your work. I enjoy your sense of humor and the way you find the ridiculous in life and then – celebrate it? – don’t know if that’s exactly the right word, but I always come away with a smile. Thank you.

    • Thanks. I’m doing research on the best way to incorporate pictures without making myself INSANE. So far, I’m getting there but not sure yet exactly. The book, I mean, not INSANE. !!!

        • Thank you. I use CreateSpace, it’s related to Amazon. Easy to use, free, and easy to set up your sales distribution with them too. Right now I need to figure out the best program or method for including photos – Word is not the easiest to use that way. And I need Word or a pdf to submit to CreateSpace. I figure I’ll get there, just have to experiment some, but, I like that part of producing books.

        • Interesting…Photoshop or some related photo program would make a pdf. But I put photos into Word by copying and pasting them. I wonder about the picture quality with that though. I do think laying out a book would be fun!

        • I’ve done illustrated things for classes, etc., using Word. I made a fabric collage book some years back and it made me NUTS. It can be done, but it’s hard to place the images on the pages and have the pages remain stable as you add text, insert things, etc. It’s not really meant for that use, Word, I mean. I have tried Publisher and it handles the photos great, but – it cannot be converted into a pdf or Word document. I could get InDesign, which is meant for layout, but – expensive and more complicated than I need. My son and husband have some ideas about using Publisher and then doing some kind of thing via a printer to convert to Word, so I’ll be trying that. If I get this figured out I’ll share!

        • Yes, let me know! I used to use Quark years and years ago; my daughter says InDesign is similar, but learning a new program…not sure my brain is up to it.

        • I will write sometime about doing these books because it’s really pretty easy. This is a new challenge for me, photos, but I think it could lead to more really interesting projects if I can figure things out

  2. Claudia you amaze me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life through your many avenues of artistic expression!! I love what you do.

        • I take that as a high compliment because I know from your own writings that you know your own mind, you know writing, and you don’t waste time on something you don’t consider worth it. Thank you.

        • It was intended as a compliment. Whatever my opinion is worth, your poetry really appeals to me. Something I have a hard time with is poetry that is too clever for its own good. If I need a manual to understand what the poet is driving at (and I don’t mean because it’s erudite and full of allusions) it misses the mark for me. I understand exactly what you’re saying, I recognize the types in your poems, the incidents, the anecdotes and they make me smile. You have my vote.

        • Thank you very much. You have said what I have hoped people would get from my poems – I want to say things plainly so that there is meaning and yet not just – meaning – if you catch my drift.

          I know what you mean about poetry that needs annotation so that you can figure out what it means. Ugh. Somehow that seems lazy, or pompous or contrived to me. The opposite of clever.

          I figure what I know is my own life, home, thoughts, etc., and so, this is what I can add to the world while making sense of things for myself. Thanks for your compliments and endorsements, because I take them seriously and appreciate them.

        • Everything has a meaning. A cat in the sun, a folded table napkin, it just takes a particular eye to catch the meaning. Not many people have enough curiosity to bother.

        • That’s for sure. How many times have I heard, as I sat in front of my art display, people say, how did you ever get the idea to paint (fill in the blank), because I never noticed (fill in the blank), and it’s so interesting, etc. I think – well, there it is, that (fill in the blank) , big as life! Just look! Please!

        • That’s why people admire those who can create, because they don’t do it themselves. Many could if they just tried, but there’s a spark missing, curiosity or something, and they’re content to sit back and admire instead.

  3. Your creativity continues to flow. I fell lucky to have run into you in this life. I will leave in fell for feel, ala CMcG. Peace out, Martha

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