the breeze blows the leaves on the trees
flipping and turning them to and then away from
the hot sun beating down on us.
The clothes we wear
red blue green yellow pink
shirts and shorts and summer skirts
made of thread
after thread
manufactured in
a past now all snarled up in a sticky-string ball
inside my head.
At first I was afraid
of what I would find along the
miles of thread that used to hold together what I’m now taking apart
Now it’s too late for that. I have gone ahead and done it.
The seam ripper slashed the threads
red blue green yellow pink and
I took apart the garments seam by seam and now
I am beginning to deconstruct the very fabric by
The thread
I’ve recovered from this work
is frail and
rotten knotted.
I had not noticed
before. Now
I am angry.

Mixed media, 2015. 4" x 4".

Mixed media, 2015. 4″ x 4″.


17 thoughts on “Threads

  1. Sometimes in unraveling things it’s a shock to see what they were actually made of. Not always what we thought.

    It is interesting how fiber and fabric and their applications are so easily turned to for metaphor, in so many situations. I find that I think this way about a lot of things – in terms of weaving, knitting, etc., as you said. I guess it is a lifetime of practicing those arts that has formed my mind in that direction.

  2. These lines struck me the hardest:
    “The thread
    I’ve recovered from this work
    is frail and
    rotten knotted.”
    I agree with the usefulness of fiber for metaphor. And gardening. My go-tos. 🙂

  3. Thank you. I’ve been seeing some things in a different perspective in the last year or so and the thought that has come to mind again and again is that of something I thought was whole and solid, turned out not to be, and I have wondered why I remembered it so. I think the garden equivalent is one of those trees that looks fine and then suddenly falls, rotted in the middle?

  4. Yes, it seems to be something that has struck people all over the world, and in all different eras, speaks to the power of thread and cloth and fiber in our lives, I think. Interesting.

  5. That sounds right. Or a rose that is blooming beautifully while the leaves get more spotted and yellowed and start falling off. 😦

  6. Yes, from reading your work, I am not surprised to hear you say that. I hope the current situation is constructed of better material and more comfortable to wear. Now is better than then, for me, for certain.

  7. No wonder you resonate with my words, Claudia. You capture the same magic of metaphor that I’m learning to use. You are well practised in the art. And collage it all together 🙂 It’s a beautiful piece.

  8. Thank you. What wonderful things you have said. I appreciate it.

    I think I have always thought in metaphors because – since I was a child I have thought everything was alive or at least had feelings of some kind, or a spirit. Seemed natural to be seeing things from the point of view of almost anything, object, person, animal. This has caused me to get some strange looks, maybe, but – I am always surrounded by friends, aren’t I, in this kind of world? (I laugh a little, but I do mean it)

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