Free Yourself

Free Yourself

I am tired of
taking cover. At some point
hiding has to end.
Such a startle you gave me you said
as you always do
while evaluating me with cold eyes
for new fractures to pry open further. The elbow in the side
too sharp
The push on the back so that I stumble
but you didn’t mean it.
Come on, you say
what’s the matter with you?
I know all there is to know about you.
What a stupid little thing you are.
It’s just a joke. I’m teasing you.
All untrue
it becomes
and stays
I raise my hand and strike.

"Don't Look Back" - mixed media, @ 2002.

“Don’t Look Back” – mixed media, @ 2002.


21 thoughts on “Free Yourself

  1. You know I hate when people make snarky remarks and then insist they were “just teasing” and tell you “you’re just too sensitive”. You have captured that phenomenon perfectly. And excellent art! (K)

  2. Thank you. I’ve lived this poem although thankfully it’s in the past. I’ve never liked teasing – I take people seriously and I want it reciprocated. Ever since I have made it a point to avoid people who have this attitude. Run from them if necessary!

  3. Thank you. On both counts!

    I try to operate in a straightforward matter at all times, having lived in this poem’s world in the past. Thankfully no longer. I learned I could insist on it. Liberating.

  4. As someone who was bullied throughout my school years and is now dealing with parenting kids through being bullied, I could very much identify with the power of your words in this poem. I love the final line, the empowerment and move from passive to active that it suggests, reclaiming control and courage.

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