Snippet from January 2016 #3

Snippet 1-23-16 #2 small


5 thoughts on “Snippet from January 2016 #3

  1. Somehow this reminds me of aliens…
    but in a way we are all aliens on the earth, in life.
    Anyway I love that phrase “forced to never mind”. (K)

  2. We have outer space on the mind, maybe, but I agree about the aliens on earth part, I have felt it myself.

    The phrase you mention is the one that started this snippet. Saw it and cut it right out. Sometimes they just cry out for being included, this was one of them.

  3. Thank you, I love doing these. There is really something about this short little form and seeing the words rather than thinking them as I’m composing, that seems to dig into my thoughts and find things I had no idea were there…

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