Like other people look for a bar
I look for a library.
The craving to read never leaves me
I can’t get enough of the smell and feel
of books. In the library I am gregarious
in a way I never am out on the street.
Compatible souls packed like
sheets in a ream of paper
line up waiting for me
They have been waiting and
I have been looking and we have found each other
here. I walk in the door
that feeling of ease I remember
from the first time so long ago it greets me just as strong
every single time. I live bigger
in a book than in flesh-and blood life. Don’t
tell me I don’t. Or shouldn’t. Pity me if you like –
I’ve heard all the stereotypes – Get your nose out of that book –
but I know where I’d go if I had two days left to live.
Do you?

ATC face lookingthrough window at lamp and book 9-15 small


16 thoughts on “Addict

  1. I can identify with this feeling. I don’t have any where near the same time to read that I used to but I read for at least some time absolutely every day and can also relate to that feeling of a library being a comfort zone.

  2. In any circumstances, the library is always the top choice, after being at home, for a place where I feel safe and at home and cared for. Strange that paper and words can do that, but it does.

  3. We didn’t own a lot of books but the library was a regular destination…and still is! I love the whole idea of borrowing and lending and communal book-sharing. And also a good place for kids to go after school when their parents are still at work.

  4. I get happy the minute I step inside the library door. The sounds? The smell of books? The idea of so much to read? We had some books at home but I read faster than they could afford to buy them for me, so the library was truly a gift to us.

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