Snippet From January 2016 #1

Forgive the prosaic title of this post, but it tells the story.

You’ve seen snippets before at this location. If you are new, just search under the term and you will find boatloads of them that I’ve done in the past. They are a form of collage poetry but abbreviated and maybe sometimes cryptic. They have their own little culture all to themselves, maybe.

Anyway, I’ll post a few, here and there, as I continue my wanderings through poetry. Aimlessness is restful and very nice at the moment!

Snippet 1-23-16 #3 small


23 thoughts on “Snippet From January 2016 #1

  1. This perfectly suits the season–yes and no, anxious to get out but…
    The sunny yellow in the center and cloudy blue sky πŸ™‚

  2. It’s those little unexpected things that I find so interesting, too – I don’t try to leave them, they just – surface. It’s a big reason I like painting these on these recycled cardboard pieces, or else sometimes I make a plain background more interesting to me by pasting magazine papers over it, at random, just to get something to paint on. Serendipity!

  3. Yes! I am laughing because how many times did I stand at the door with our dog (that we had when I was a child) saying In or out! In or out! and the dog just looking at me…

  4. Sometimes I think it happens because I overlooked something at first and then later I liked it and left it. That would be the way I’d like to think of it, as an artistic decision! But also, sometimes I was in too much of a hurry to change it and said, oh, just stay that way. That is the less-flattering side of my way of working!

  5. kind of like the word “snippet” to describe poetry in general – nothing highfalutin but just what rises to the surface, fragmented, yet flowing at the same time

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