Loose Ends Poetry Marathon Day 5

Today is the final day of the current Marathon. I decided to return to Chestnut Hill College. Somehow I felt it would be a comfortable spot for working today.

Logue library chc 2-18-16 small

Logue Library.


I set myself up in the Reading Room this time; I’ve worked here before and I love the brightness and airiness of it.

Here’s my desk, and some views from around it. I also turned the page in the dictionary on the stand to my name. Just for fun.

So here’s what I did, poetry-wise. I got the whole manuscript of the “old-poetry”  book all set up, and I think I am nearing the final stages of turning it into a book. That’s great – I had not thought I’d get that far with it. I worked on some more haikus – I’ve accumulated a little group of them that are library-related, not surprising! I then did some poetry speed-writing. I had a small stack of notes I had made over the past few weeks about thoughts or ideas that caught my interest, and so I used them as well as some ideas that floated into my head as I sat there. Counting up, I was surprised to see that I have written 36 poems and 15 haikus, even though my focus was not on creating new poems this Marathon. Well, what do you know?

After I finished working, I did a couple of things. First, I wandered around the building a little. Someone wrote to me and wondered if it might be from earlier than the 1950’s, as I said in my previous post – so I looked for information. I learned it was built in 1961 and I found evidence today.

CHC #7 2-18-16 small

Once you know that, the building reveals itself to be a time capsule of its era. The blond wood used in the shelves and doors, the cut-out mezzanine and its ornamentation, the fixtures, the furniture – just amazing.

Wall clock 2-18-16 small

How about this clock, found in an upstairs hall? The time is not correct – but I think that little protrusion at the bottom might re-set the clock and wind it up, good as new?

Next, I walked over to the labyrinth. I visit here when I come to this campus if possible. It’s a peaceful and contemplative spot. I included it in the Sunshine Project last year, if you are interested to know more. Anyway, despite the 30 degree temperature, I did the labyrinth walk.

So, another Marathon ends. I found this one to be very useful, if not as rewarding as earlier ones. In the end, I needed to clear out old things before I could go on to new ones, and I did that. I do feel happy about having cleared some space in my head. I know I will keep doing Marathons – I really like the focus and concentration on just working on writing. Right now I have tentatively scheduled one for June, but maybe a mini-Marathon before that? I don’t want to get greedy. Well, let’s wait and see.

Here is today’s poem:


In the store window
no one pinches pennies
no one wears clothes with stains
that didn’t come out in the wash.
None of the pots and pans
have burn marks on the bottom
the rugs have never felt a muddy boot
stride across their tufted patterns.
In the store window all things are possible
everything is new and no one says
I know better than you because
I’ve got some experience in me.


17 thoughts on “Loose Ends Poetry Marathon Day 5

  1. A labyrinth in your neighborhood…how cool is that?
    And another wise reflection.
    Not to mention the satisfaction of crossing something off the list of things to do! (K)

  2. http://labyrinthlocator.com/home – take a look at this link and you might find one or more near you. I an trying to visit more of them. I enjoy the pilgrimage nature of the labyrinths themselves as well as going different places to find them! Yes, I feel that even though I had a lot of distractions at home and so on right now, that I got this work done, is a good thing, and a good goal for this Marathon. Another pilgrimage.

  3. Many portable labyrinths within 5 miles, call to rent or reserve. That’s interesting. Some in surprising places. But almost all the permanent ones are not available for walking…one is available 2 afternoons a month! I’ve been in that building for concerts, but I’ve never noticed a labyrinth…
    Anyway, thanks, that’s a great link.

  4. I have been here several times and I get such a kick out of the total 1950’s look. It’s perfect, all the accessories, the décor, etc. I hear they may be renovating and I hope they keep the feel of the place.

  5. So many wonderful things to comment on in this post! I love your writing desk choice for the dictionary with your name it! I’m going to look in my collection of dictionaries to see if any have my name in them. I’m so happy about your research and the old clock – I think you should pull up a chair and reset it. Lol. I love your poem and I have to tell you I’m just finishing up my window display of mostly old things – including some old rag rugs! I will post pictures on my blog when I’m done.

  6. Thank you. Regarding the clock, I looked around and if a chair had been in sight I would have tried, because the building was very quiet in that area…

    I’ll looking for the old things display, because you can tell, I am very interested in relics and leftovers and things that survived…

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