Snob Story

This poem was written because I was thinking about the stack of the plates in my cabinet, but it fit just perfectly with a challenge I read about on On the Land that comes from another interesting blog – What the Ducks!   – 2016 is the International Year of the Bean. Laugh if you want, but I bet you eat a lot of them and you like them.

Snob Story

The plates stacked in the cabinet. I open
the door to find them as I left them
orderly and uninterested in what I have to offer them
which is to take them down set them on the table
fill them with food I have cooked. Again. Tonight
it’s beans.
Nothing new, they seem
to say to me, can’t you come up with anything
more exciting than
beans. We are glazed in bright colors
and shiny and we deserve once in a while
to present something thrilling
something electrifying
but instead we are given
I shrug. I like beans.
So, plates,
think that over as I stack you in the dishwasher
after dinner. Talk about it among yourselves
if you can be heard above
the rush of the cascading water and the motor
and the thumping beat of the twirling sprayer arm
Doesn’t matter to me.
I like beans.

Beans 2-9-16 small


24 thoughts on “Snob Story

  1. Fabulous!!! Always wondered what my dishes were up to in that washer! 😉 Thank you so much for rising to the blog challenge–I *hoped* we would get some poetry. After all, poets have a finger on the pulse of humanity, right?

  2. I am enjoying the idea that the plates have thoughts about what we serve on them. For what it is worth, I really love beans and cook with them a lot. So if my dishes are complaining about the beans, I am grateful I cannot hear their gripes.

  3. Now you’re seeing things as they are. Be alert!

    Glasses do it for me ever since my roommate cut her hand washing one so badly that I had to take her to the emergency room. This was in about 1980 but it’s stuck with me, that’s for certain. I’m not sure what that says about my ability to move on, but – it never hurts to be careful…around inanimate objects…not so inanimate at times?

  4. Thank you. Household objects have their own lives, I think, and we know nothing of what they think of us!

    You are right, I think beans are just beautiful and I have taken their pictures quite a few times.

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