Loose Ends Poetry Marathon Day 4

Today I decided to go to the Abington Township Library, about 10 minutes from my house. This Marathon is taking place close to home and I haven’t tried out any new places – mostly because my husband is at home this week doing work on our basement stairs and a few other things. Since we have only one car, I needed to pick places that he could easily drop off and pick up. More adventure next time!
AB library #2 2-17-16 small

I set my work area up at one of the tables on the main floor.

AB library #3 2-17-16 small

You know, I’ve got to say that today’s experience was a little flat. I do know that this library is one of my less favorite ones, and I got in trouble today for eating a snack at my table (you might think a person of my age, eating a power bar, unobtrusive behind her computer screen, could get a pass, but no.) There was also a lot of – distraction – I guess, too – not that much noise, but I endured two tutoring sessions at the table next to me, the second one in halting Spanish. My goodness.

Well, that’s all right. I’ll find a better spot for tomorrow. So here’s what I did. I think I’ve gotten my “old-poetry” book in good shape. It’s really ready for the production phase of turning it into a book. I do need to figure out a title for it. I’m a bit stymied. My husband suggested “Enough for  a Book” because I had collected enough poetry for a book. He may have something there. Maybe.

I worked on some speed poetry-writing; I did a poem related to another project I’ve been working on, using photos as an inspiration for a poem; and I did some haikus. The last were very influenced by being in this library and what was going on around me.

Tomorrow is the last day of this Marathon. I’m feeling that I have accomplished my goals and maybe some extra. That is great, I think, and I’m happy.

So, here is today’s poem of the day:



The students open their notebooks
point their pencils at the pages
covered with figures. One girl
understands the skipping hopping math and her pencil
runs all over the page chasing it down
the other girl
twists a silver ring around and around on her finger
and her math is motionless
possibly feeling poorly
and her pencil will put on weight
if it doesn’t get some exercise soon
but it just stands there.
Negative two is the answer just captured
and written down by the one girl
and the other girl watches and
her pencil is lying down stretched out full length on the paper.


23 thoughts on “Loose Ends Poetry Marathon Day 4

  1. I love the personification of the pencils. It works as a really effective conceit of the differing approaches to the math studies. These days, when it comes to numeracy, I am the indolent pencil.

  2. And there is the fact that the math keeps moving around…I did fine at math as a kid but I didn’t have a feel for it as I did language, so I kind of let it intimidate me. Maybe it still is…

  3. I was a wee genius at math until I hit about 14 and suddenly it was all just to difficult for me and my brain retreated from it. I found other subjects easy so I let math go. And “use it or lose it” means I cannot remember much of what I was taught in those final years of school. It has never mattered though.

  4. Apparently Carl Jung was very bad at maths as well while at school. And it didn’t matter later. That stuff went right over my head at school. Was, still is, too much of a dreamer.

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