Loose Ends Poetry Marathon Day 2

This Marathon continues to follow its own path. Today, the forecast called for snow, libraries are closed for the holiday, and my husband had an appointment with the dentist for a root canal. So the Marathon had to get in line with events. I needed a simple and easy location. So I decided to visit Arcadia University again – it’s close, it was open, and I like it there.

After lunch, the root canal visit over (everything went well, thank you), and with a little snow just starting to fall, I returned to campus.

I chose the Periodicals Room today. I love the high glass windows and all the light they bring in, even on a day like today. I wonder how long the library will devote this room to periodicals, given the way things are going, but the space is great and that part won’t change. Here is what I saw from my table today.

It looks out on the Peace Garden.

Arcadia 2-15-16 #3 small

Today my idea was to write some quick poetry, as I have done in the past, and then start to work on a big project I have been wanting to do for a while – collecting poems from earlier years, 2008-2015, that didn’t fall into some other category, such as the Twenty Minutes or the earlier Marathons. These have almost all been posted on the blog already, but I have the goal of making books out of all my “regular” poems this year, and I’d also like to figure out something for the visual ones, such as collage poetry, too. This project is where I am now. It’s not exciting, because I am just assembling works. But it had an effect on me that I had not anticipated.

I had decided to put the poems in date order rather than figuring out themes or that kind of thing. My records are pretty good and I had the titles all lined up in a spreadsheet. As I moved each one from an individual file to the book file, I re-read it. Since they’ve been published on the blog, revisions are now off-limits. I was free to reflect on the poem, its meaning when I wrote it, and the events that were going on at the time. Some of it was painful and some happy, but all of it showed me how time passes and smooths over the rough spots. I can look back more objectively at things, and I am glad I have this kind of record to help me.

Interesting, isn’t it? I have done about 70% of the work; I plan to finish it tomorrow.

So, when it was time to leave, I felt I had been somewhere, mentally if not physically. I looked out the window at the change in the scene in the few hours I had been in the library. Somehow, that visual reminder of time passing really seemed to fit today.

And here is the poem I chose from my short session of writing. Remember, it’s brand new.

The branch hardly more than a twig
skinny as the sparrow feet
that just now have grasped it
exchanges its crest of sticky snow
for feet-purchase for the bird
and dumps the snow
on the inches of white on the ground below
making a perfect replica of the staggery line
of the branch hardly more than a twig.
The sparrow
unaware of the transaction
holds tight to the branch almost too small
for even a bird as tiny
as the sparrow
evaluates the matter
from its own point of view and
for some reason dissatisfied
flies away.
Snow begins to fall once more
on the branch
hardly more than a twig.


11 thoughts on “Loose Ends Poetry Marathon Day 2

  1. Excellent! I’ve always admired your dedication and your prolific writing. An inspiration! I enjoyed this post a lot. I liked when you talked about the progression of time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful slice of tiny bird life.
    Funny, I hate cleaning but I love assembling things in some kind of order. I guess that’s the collagist in me. I am not at all organized though, so it would be a huge task for me. And dates? Forget it. I mostly don’t write things down and my memory is toast. (K)

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