Loose Ends and Poetry and Marathon

You may remember my Poetry Marathons from 2015. You know, where I devote a week to poetry writing, and I travel around to do it. (And if you don’t remember, or are new to my little world on this blog, look here for the most recent post or you can search the term Poetry Marathon and sample the series).

Penn State library at Abington.

Penn State library at Abington.

Anyway, when last we left our heroine, as the time-honored serial intro goes, she had completed the Fall version of the Marathon, back in October. And she didn’t know what the next step would be, but she did know she really enjoyed devoting a block of time to poetry.

Library at Chestnut Hill College.

Library at Chestnut Hill College.

So our heroine, that’s me, decided: I’m going to just do some more of those Marathons.

Good. Decision made. Now, how to continue the experience without turning it into the same old same old – write, edit, make it into a book? I had a mission to fulfill last year and the process worked great. But things are different now and the Marathon needs to be different.

Upper Moreland Township Library.

Upper Moreland Township Library.

So this time, I’ve decided to dedicate this Marathon to Loose Ends. I have several poetry projects in process, some moving along well, some – limping a bit, let’s say. I plan to work on a different thing each day and see if I can get things moving again or even finish up a bit of my poetry life. I’ll write about each day as I have done in the past and include some sample of my work.

Horsham Township Library.

Horsham Township Library.

I got happy when I hit upon this plan. I didn’t want to fall into a rut of how a Poetry Marathon should be, and I didn’t want to start up a whole new project when one of my goals for this year was to give all the inhabitants of my poetry world a chance to shine – or, in other words, get a grip on loose ends.

So maybe I’m calling this one the Loose Ends Poetry Marathon of 2016. Now that it has a name, well, it’s time to get going, right?

Landman Library, Arcadia University.

Landman Library, Arcadia University.

I’m starting on Sunday, February 14, and will work through the next Thursday. I don’t know what locations I’ll be choosing yet – the pictures are from places I’ve been before. I think there will be some new ones and some old favorites. Wait and see…


14 thoughts on “Loose Ends and Poetry and Marathon

  1. Sounds exciting and every subject can result in something awesome. It’s interesting how you are working on different things. That might be very advantageous.

  2. I really like to see where you are working. I don’t know why, because it shouldn’t matter really. Good luck with your new marathon. So satisfying to finish things.

  3. Yes, I’m hoping to collect together some scattered things and focus a little better, which I think will then lead me into new ideas. Seems like one project gives me ideas for 3 more! And dedicating time to it in this way, choosing locations, etc., kind of makes it important and so I take my work more seriously, I think. Plus I like going around to different places and writing, it just is fun!

  4. Oh, I think it matters, I love to get a chance to see into another person’s world, the places they think, do art, write, photo, whatever, it really adds to what they produce to be able to have context for it I think. Thanks for your good wishes. I am wondering how things will go . I still plan a little time for just some regular poetry writing as I’ve done it before, the open-the-floodgates kind of thing, too, so that is familiar.

  5. I realized that if I did things the “traditional” way, I would be adding ONE MORE UNFINISHED PROJECT and I think that would maybe have sent me over the edge so when I thought of this, I felt relief. If one week isn’t enough, I’ll schedule another one. I’m on a mission now…

  6. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose my way (or, that I lose my way, maybe) – whichever gets me into something interesting. I’m hoping my old thoughts that I will be working with will provide for some new ideas along the way.

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