More Than Twenty Minutes, I Guess

The Twenty Minutes experience is over. Yesterday was the last day for poems from that collection. By now, you may have forgotten how it came about – the idea was to sit down and write – fast -for twenty minutes. No revisions. Just fast fast fast word after word!

Then I went through the poems from each session later and did some revision, but not much. I liked how fresh the poems were. Thoughts just came out that I didn’t know I could think. I loved the process. That’s why I got the idea of the Poetry Marathon, last January (2015), and why I kept on doing it. This Twenty Minute thing was the first step.

More Poetry Marathons are coming. I can’t give up that experience, I decided. But, I’m drifting away from the topic, which is – you may not have realized it, but if you read every poem as they were posted, you read a whole book of them.

Twenty Minutes Book cover small

Yes, I made them into a book. You know how I like to see my words in print on paper. You can buy it at Amazon, as usual, if you want. I also decided to sponsor a giveaway on Goodreads, if you are interested.

Well, I’ll be seeing you soon here again, I hope, with new words. And, thank you all for your attention to my work, and for going along with this little experience with me. I am grateful.


35 thoughts on “More Than Twenty Minutes, I Guess

  1. Congrats! I entered the giveaway and asked you to be my friend on Goodreads…you need some friends there! I’ve actually won about 10 books over the years, I enter all the time.
    Is the book illustrated with your work? That would be extra awesome! (K)

  2. Thank you, makes my day. I’ve belonged to Goodreads for a while but haven’t done anything with it (like I need another blog kind of thing, oh my goodness, but I cannot resist books and book lovers). My daughter-in-law reminded me of how good the site is and then I got these books going and the giveaway idea came along and…the rest is history. Thanks for befriending me. No, no illustrations in the book, just words. It is much harder to add art and then becomes pretty expensive because of printing in color, not for me, but for buyers, and I figure, somewhat illogically, there is the blog with the pictures, which I know is not the same as a book. But then we’re back to pain and suffering of book production and cost. I’m thinking of doing one of snippets and that will be all pictures because that is what a snippet is, much more visual. Hey, I just can’t stop answering, can I?

  3. I don’t do anything much on Goodreads but post reviews and look at what my “friends” are reading. Ok, I enter the giveaways too. But it’s good for me because it forces me to think about what I’ve read and articulate it for myself. I’m continually surprised when some random person comments on or likes a review!
    I’m sure an illustrated book would be expensive if it was well done. But it would be kind of great I think.

  4. I think CreateSpace does a good job on books with photos, etc., as I’ve seen some examples, but it takes time to set it up right. I need to do it when patience is more plentiful. I am thinking snippets later this summer, maybe. I do want to try something like that.

  5. Thank you, I really feel for some reason that I need all these writings to be on paper and with modern techniques it doesn’t have to be copied in some notebook saved in a closet. I get such a kick out of seeing these works in book form. Thanks for the compliment on the cover, too, it is a detail of one of my acrylic/India ink experiments.

  6. I totally understand! I made some books of my photos and it gives them a presence, a reality beyond the personal domain. Somehow, this need was satiated somewhat by the beautiful collaboration we have with many people in the blogging world but I think that it all feeds the creative energy and reflects in everything we do. A book is always full of wonder. It transcends the keyboard and gives something beautiful to hold.

  7. I like to read more than any other thing in the world and I have been enchanted by books since I learned to read. So, making my own is really a big deal to me! I agree about the blog world wholeheartedly as I’d never have pursued these things if not for the audience and support here, either.

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