Worn Out

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Worn Out

The gray quilt spread across the sky
The strong cold hands of the wind
the fabric torn
The scraps flung out
and the rain pouring through the holes

Gray Misty Day small

“Gray Misty Day” – collage, 11″ x 14″, about 2000.


19 thoughts on “Worn Out

  1. Yes, I always liked this collage a lot, too. I think I did it from a photo I took in Hawaii – we made a trip there in 2000.

    I still think a lot about fabric and see its characteristics reflected in all kinds of things, even though I haven’t done any fabric work in years, myself. Funny.

  2. Thank you. I think it was from a photo I took in Hawaii.

    I’ll tell you how to do things this way. Paint a lot of papers, just plain sketch paper, kind of lightweight, in all kinds of colors (get crazy with it). Then, think of your papers as strokes of paint and pick out your scene and off you go. It’s very good for depicting a view, but I’ve done portraits this way, and so on. I did a lot of collage work this way until, as it happens, one day I had done enough! This piece was towards the end.

  3. Well, it’s like anything else. Practice does help a lot. This piece was done after I had probably made a couple of hundred others. The earliest ones were much less complex and more awkward…

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